Between December 2017 and March 2018, I created a number of mini-series, each with 3 images.
These are those mini-series.

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The Shadows

  • Gripped - From The Shadows Mini-Series

    When your dark side begins to take hold, it can seem impossible to release yourself from it's clutches. Will you fight your way out, or will you let it keep it's tight grip on you forevermore?

  • Crushing - From The Shadows Mini-Series

    Dark thoughts can be terrifying and extremely hard to deal with. It can feel as if they are trying to reach out and crush your mind, spirit and soul into a million pieces.


  • Hesitant - From The Comfort Mini-Series

    The hesitation that most of us feel as we are about to push ourselves out of our comfort zone can be too much for some, and instead of tackling the challenge head on, we retreat back into the place we feel most comfortable.

  • My Safe Place - From The Comfort Mini-Series

    We all have a place where we feel the most comfortable. This is our safe place. Some of us stay put in that safe place for all of our lives, and never challenge our limits, whereas others constantly challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone. Are you a person that is happy to live within the walls of your comfort zone, or do you like to push the limits and experience all that life has to offer?

Bedside Stories

  • Over The Edge - From The Bedtime Stories Mini-Series

    We all have dreams that we wish to achieve at some point in our lives. However, those dreams can instead take us over the edge and turn into our worst nightmares when we least expect it.

  • Insomniac - From The Bedtime Stories Mini-Series

    No matter how much try to let our bodies rest, we often find ourselves unable to sleep. Whether this be due to our minds running wild, or due to physical reasons, insomnia can be incredibly stressful on both the mind and the body.


Ghosts Of Me

The Helping Hand

  • Acceptance - From The Helping Hand Mini-Series

    Asking for or accepting help can be one of the most difficult things to do, but if you can push through that fear, you can get through your hardships with someone by your side, rather than doing it alone.

The Vines Of Love And Loneliness


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