The Threads Of Life

Through the use of red threads, this series reflects upon the positive and negative experiences and emotions that we as humans encounter throughout our lives. 

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  • The Threads Of Life - Bound To Society

    We often feel as if we are tied down to certain societal expectations and that we have to be the type of person that society thinks we should be. Don't let society's expectations dictate who you want to be. Be awesome, be unique, be you!

  • The Threads Of Life - Between

    There are times in life where we find ourselves roped into the middle of an argument between two of our loved ones. They both try to convince us to believe their side of the story and they keep trying to pull us towards their side of the fight, even though we don't want to be involved in the situation at all.

  • The Threads Of Life - Chokehold

    There are often times in life where we are so stressed and under so much pressure that we feel as if we are under a chokehold and unable to breathe.

  • The Threads Of Life - Tug Of War

    We can often find ourselves having a tug of war inside our minds when we don’t know what to do or which way to go in certain situations that life throws at us. Which side of this war of the mind will win? Only you can decide!

  • The Threads Of Life - Silenced

    Everyone has opinions, but we can often find ourselves trapped in situations where we are not allowed to voice our opinions.

  • The Threads Of Life - Unseen

    We can't always see where we are going or where we will end up in life, but we will never know if we don't keep pushing forward and face the future head on!

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