Through using multiple exposures of the same body, Duality attempts to document the internal struggle and the stages of the mind during the process of both learning about and rediscovering ourselves when we lose our way.

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  • Split

    The human mind is extremely complex. It provies us with our personality, which for everyone is unique, however some people harbour multiple personalities, and only show certain sides of themselves in certain situations. Are you the type of person who only shows parts, or one side of your personality depending on who you are interacting with, or are you someone who doens't let anything or anyone stop you from being your true and authentic self at all times?

  • Reconnection

    When you lose sight of who you are, it can be difficult to find yourself again, but once you find and reconnect with your true and authentic self, it will feel amazing!

  • The Suffocation Of Me

    Mental illnesses can take a huge toll on our mind and body, It can often feel as if our emotions are suffocating us. Rather than get help, some of us turn our back on our emotions and let ourselves continue to suffocate in silence.

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